How to Setup a Trigger for Remote Recording via a UDP Listener in Hand Engine (DOC-5038)

This document will take you through the steps of setting up a trigger for remote recording in the Hand Engine software via a UDP Listener.


Changing the UDP Port Hand Engine is Listening to

  1. Launch Hand Engine and navigate to Settings → Preferences.

  2. From the Remote Trigger box, input the UDP port recording is being broadcasted and turn the trigger switch to On.

    NOTE: You can also choose whether you would like Hand Engine to save the recorded data in the same file location where your chosen software saves its recordings.



Recording start and stop commands are received by Hand Engine via XML messages. When triggering via XML messages, the Remote Trigger setting under SettingsPreferences → Remote Trigger must be set to ON. In order for Hand Engine to receive the packets, the XML messages must be sent via the triggering UDP port selected. Lastly, the XML messages must exactly follow the appropriate syntax:

XML syntax for the start / stop trigger packet

1 2 3 4 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?> <CaptureStart> <Name VALUE="RemoteTriggerTest_take01"/> </CaptureStart>
1 2 3 4 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <CaptureStop> <Name VALUE="TakeName" /> </CaptureStop>

Below is a list of different MoCap software and the default UDP port they broadcast XML messages on when recording is triggered.


Qualisys: 8989


OptiTrack Motive: 1512 (i.e whatever the command port is set to +2)

Please note: For OptiTrack Motive remote triggering will need to be on in the Data Streaming Pane (see image below).

More detailed info you can refer to here: OptiTrack Remote Triggering Wiki


Vicon Shogun/Blade: 30

Please note: For Vicon Shogun/Blade make sure that the ‘Broadcast message’ checkbox is ticked under the capture tab (see image below). More detailed info here: Shogun UDP capture broadcast/trigger Doc

  1. Hit the Apply button to save your changes

  2. Open Hand Engine and now if you set up your gloves and hit capture in your software of choice then Hand Engine recording will be triggered simultaneously as long as it is listening to the UDP port corresponding to the correct broadcast message from your software of choice.

Xsens - MVN

To send a message from MVN, go to Options > Network Streamer, and add a stream to the computer running Hand Engine.

Type the IP address of the computer running Hand Engine in the “host” field and make sure that the port number matches what you chose in the Hand Engine Remote Trigger box.

In the stream, the only box that should be checked is the “Network Sync XML”. The stream settings will automatically save when you click close. 

When the proper settings are ready and both systems are calibrated, press the record button in MVN to simultaneously trigger Hand Engine. Data start and stop times will match as well as the naming convention and take number.


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