Streaming from Hand Engine to Maya (DOC-5021)

This document will take you through the steps of connecting to Maya with a Hand Engine data stream.


Please note: The HE asset is set up using the metric system. Please ensure that your target FBX is setup with the same measurement system (working units in centimeters) in the software you are streaming to (for example if using Maya refer here)

Setting up your Maya Project

  1. Download and Install the StretchSense Hand Engine and Maya

    NOTE: for this example, we are using version Maya 2020

  2. Launch Hand Engine and setup hand.

    See Hand Engine User Guide (DOC-5046) for glove calibration instructions.

  3. Once the hand is trained,  in the Streaming box on the left of the screen, enter your TCP Port number and set the switch to On. Check that the Streaming Status light in the Performer pane title bar (the right traffic light indicator) has turned green.

  4. Next, we need to add the plugin directory to the Maya Environment Variables. To do this, first, navigate to the Plugins folder of where you have saved your downloaded plugins (see image below) and find the plugin directory corresponding to the Maya and copy this file path.

  5. Open the Maya.env file in a text editor this will be found in \Users\<username>\Documents\maya\<Maya version>\Maya.env


  6. In Maya.env add the single line of code MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH = <plugin install directory>

    Please note: Copy the exact path for where you have saved the plugin file If you move where the plugin is located then you will have to update this line of code.

    e.g. MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH = C:\Users\<your username>\Downloads\Plugins-Hand-Engine-Update-2021-03-24\StretchSense Hand Engine Plugin Pack (2021-03-24)\Maya 01.00.01

  7. Launch Maya, click on File, then Import to import the asset you want to stream hand data to. The Hands asset can be found in the Downloads Section of your StretchSense Account at The download is titled StretchSense FBX Files.


  8. To launch the plugin, open Windows → Settings/Preferences → Plug-in Manager

  9. From the Plugin Manager find and tick the Loaded box.



  10. This will launch the Hand Engine Link window:


  11. If your target asset is using a namespace you can select this from the drop-down, if not leave this box blank.


  12. Press Connect and data will start streaming to the target asset.


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