Legacy - How to integrate MoCap Pro gloves in Xsens MVN Animate (DOC-5025)


This document will take you through the steps of connecting to XSens MVN Animate with a Hand Engine data stream


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Step-by-Step (with images): How to Stream Hand Engine Data into MVN Animate

  1. First, navigate to Settings>Preferences in Hand Engine.


  2. Turn Xsens Streaming on globally in the Preferences/Application Setting Window. Make a note of the UDP port number. The default UDP port number is 35535.

    Note: Direct Xsens Streaming uses a UDP port. By default, Hand Engine streams data via TCP. If you would like to stream to other software such as Unreal, MotionBuilder, Maya, or Unity directly then make sure you remember to turn Xsens streaming is set to OFF.




  3. Next turn on Xsens streaming for each glove if you are using two gloves. You will get a notification in Hand Engine that Gloves are "streaming on UDP port: XXXXX".




  4. Next, we have to turn on Finger streaming in MVN Animate. Open MVN Animate 2020.2. Navigate to File>Edit Live Configuration (shortcut: Ctrl+E).


  5. While in the Motion Capture Configuration Window left click on the Fingers Tab.




  6. Turn Finger Tracking ON. Click the dropdown menu for Glove Type and select 'Streaming Gloves'.


  7. You will now notice that an extra node has become available on the Xsens Avatar representing the fingers. Using the dropdown menus select the left Glove for the Left Hand Stream ID and the right glove for the Right Hand Stream ID.

    Note: Make sure the UDP port number matches the Port number in Hand Engine (see Step 2).

    If your gloves are not showing up here make sure Xsens streaming is turned on for each glove separately (see Step 3).


    MVN Animate 2020.2 Port Number                               

    Hand Engine Port Number



  8. Click 'Ok' (first image below) and your fingers should now be moving. To get your wrists in the correct orientation 'Load' your saved MVN Calibration (see second image below). 




  9. You are now all set up to record within MVN Animate with Finger Data streaming from Hand Engine.

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Full Webinar: Full Pipeline to MotionBuilder (47 min)

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